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Monday, July 4, 2016

Getting Ready to Leave

In just a few days, Eli and I will be in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.  The main purpose of our mission work is to assist in the revitalization of Centre d'Agriculture Saint Baranabas, located near Cap-Haitien in Terrier Rouge, Haiti.  This blog will share anecdotes and insights that arise out of the experiences I have there.
Haiti differs from the USA in very evident ways.  Due to total immersion, these differences will be especially glaring.  I'm leaving in just a few days and am trying to prepare myself to leave home for a year and live far away from most of the things I have known until now.  Despite the inevitable fears and concerns, I am still excited to serve and am grateful for everything that the Young Adult Service Corps, the Episcopal Church, the many donors, my friends and family have done to make this possible and make me who I am today.  Thank you to everyone, and I hope you will follow this blog and stay in touch with me!       

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